International Internships



Start your career in USA as an Intern !

Our Paid Internship Program in USA gives you an opportunity to train with leading organisations in USA and gain valuable work experience, as well as study for an Advanced Certificate from London School of Business and Finance.

Program Highlights

  • Work in one of the world’s most advanced and hospitable countries
  • Learn new cultures and experience life in a different country
  • Expand your knowledge and skills
  • Earn Advanced Certificate from a reputed Global Institution
  • Return home with a broad in-depth knowledge in your professional area OR get retained permanently by the employer
  • Improve your prospects of getting international work opportunities

Advanced Certificate from London School of Business and Finance in any ONE of the following subjects:

  • Financial Accounting and Analysis
  • Managerial Accounting and Analysis
  • Introduction to Finance
  • Corporate Reporting
  • Managerial Economics
  • Policy Issues in Global Economy
  • Corporate Finance
  • Sustainable Business Development
  • Business Statistics
  • Global Business Management
  • Project Management
  • Marketing Design and Strategy
  • Operations Management
  • Governance and Ethics
  • Business Law

Internship in USA in your chosen professional field
Experience Certificate at the end of Internship


Degree/ Diploma from a reputed University OR
Currently Enrolled in a Degree / Diploma course and looking for work placement as part of the program.

Communication Skills – Good Communication Skills in English (verbal and written).

Age Limit – Not more than 38 Years

Please note GMAT/GRE or IELTS/TOEFL Scores are NOT required for Internship in USA

INTERNSHIP DURATION: 3 Months / 6 Months /12 months

Stage 1: Expression of Interest / Registration

We receive your Expression of Interest regarding Internship / Traineeship and preferred duration (6 months / 12 months). You send us your resume and dully filled Application form for Paid Internship Program

Stage 2: Resume Review

Your resume will be reviewed by Internship Management team in the respective country.

Stage 3: Interview with Program Manager in US

This interview is to assess your academic qualifications, communication skills, reason for applying for Internship in the respective country etc. You will get support to rewrite your resume if needed, Interview tips, insights on US work culture, etc.

Stage 4: Resume processing and shortlisting with US Employers

We will apply for relevant Internship opportunities on your behalf and send your resume with relevant documents to various US employers. We will follow up with them regarding your application status.

Stage 5: Interview with US employer

Once your resume is shortlisted, we will coordinate your interview. It will be a skype or telephonic interaction. You will be notified in advance about the date and time of your interview. You may choose to take it from home or GSM office.

Stage 6: Offer Letter

Upon successful selection, we would receive your offer letter. You need to sign the offer letter / contract defining terms of engagement. The offer letter would indicate your profile, salary and benefits, location, etc.

Stage 7: Sponsorship Letter (DS-2019)

We will submit all the required documents to your employer. They will then issue a Sponsorship Letter. You would require this while applying for Visa.

Stage 8: SEVIS & Insurance

At this point you should buy Insurance (Medical / Health (including Dental) Insurance coverage as well as Travel Insurance) and pay SEVIS Fees
Insurance – Approximately $540
SEVIS – $180

Stage 9: Visa Interview

You would need DS 2019, Medical Coverage & SEVIS Fee invoice for your J-1 Visa Interview at US Consulate.

Stage 10: Plan your Departure

Once you have received the Visa, plan your departure. We will assist you with finding accommodation in the city of your internship.

Stage 11: London School of Business and Finance

Enrol for Advanced Certificate from London School of Business and Finance (duration 3 to 4 months). This is an online program that can be done studying anytime, anywhere and you need to complete it along with your internship.

Stage 12:

Join the internship as per your date of joining

Indicative income
National Minimum Wage Rate is $ 7.25 per hour. It differs statewise and in some states it is $ 10.50 per hour too. Many of our interns earn between $ 8 to 16 per hour. Calculating at the wage rate of $ 13, the monthly earning would be $ 2080 per month which is approximately Rs.1,41,440/-

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