Advanced Diploma in Finance and Investment

Advanced Diploma in Finance and Investment by London School of Business and Finance

Start date: Enrol now, start studying from the 20th of each month
Duration: 3-9 months
Fees: £2850
Awarding body: London School of Business & Finance

Over the course of this comprehensive programme in finance and investment you will learn how to critically asses business and accounting data to better understand how your organisation can make the best financial decisions possible. This will be achieved by; examining current theory and common practice, analysing the core principles used throughout standard and financial regulations, learning how to evaluate the development of financial models, and determining the economic benefit of various types of financing.

This London School of Business and Finance advanced diploma will develop your existing understanding of financial statements, give you the tools to evaluate and analyse those statements, while providing you with industry insight into how to utilise quantitative finance to maximise corporate value and also reduce an organisation’s exposure to risk.

Applications to this programme are received throughout the year. Once you have been admitted into the course you will have a wealth of helpful study-tools at your disposal via the InterActive web-platform:


  • Online tests* allow you to check your knowledge of key concepts as you study.
  • Informative lectures delivered via HD-quality videos, with pre-prepared lecture notes.
  • Bring your studies up-to-date with our current, real-world case studies
  • Email your programme tutor and network with your fellow students online
  • Our online resources fully prepare you for all of your exams and assignments

This advanced diploma course consists of 3 comprehensive modules. You can study the programme syllabus over a period of 3 to 9 months, allowing you to decide on your own pace and intensity of study:


  • Business and Financial Analysis (12 sub-topics in this module)
  • Corporate Finance (12 sub-topics in this module)
  • Quantitative Finance and Financial Markets (12 sub-topic in this module)

An assignment paper consisting of between 3500-4500 words needs to be completed after each of the 3 programme modules, after which you will be awarded an advanced diploma by London School of Business and Finance.