Bachelor of business management

Bachelor of Business Management (BBM): Degree

A Bachelor of Business Management degree program prepares graduates for leadership positions. Students study accounting, finance, human resources, communications, business law and marketing.

Essential Information

Those who study business management are exposed to different organizational, legal and marketing topics related to overseeing a company. Many programs also include coursework in global business, which exposes students to the challenges of working with international clients. Some schools offer general business management degrees, while others allow students to specialize in a particular aspect of business management. Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED certificate to pursue this four-year degree. Many programs include internship opportunities to provide students with practical experience. After completing the program, candidates can consider pursuing various management certifications.

  • Prerequisites: High school diploma or GED
  • Program Specializations: Real estate, human resource management, among others
  • Program Length: Three years
  • Other Requirement: Internship

Bachelor of Business Management

Students are introduced to business topics through courses like finance principles and introduction to business. Next, they study the theoretical and practical aspects of business with courses such as business ethics and accounting. Classes covering communication topics may also be included so students know how to effectively interact with employees and clients in verbal and written form. Course topics often include:

  • Business law
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Supply side marketing
  • Researching and writing reports
  • International business
  • Workplace diversity

Popular Career Options

A bachelor’s in business management prepares graduates to work in various fields, such as advertising, marketing, human resources and finance. With a bachelor’s degree in business management, graduates are qualified for entry-level supervisory roles within various industries. Some graduates seek entrepreneurial opportunities. Possible careers include:

  • Sales manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Financial analyst
  • Business consultant

Continuing Education Information

Graduates can continue their studies by pursuing master’s degrees in business management or business administration. Doctoral programs offer terminal degrees and are well suited for students interested in advanced professional positions or university teaching careers. A bachelor’s degree in business management may also suffice for professional education, such as law school.

Many business associations and organizations offer continuing education courses and professional certifications. For example, the Institute of Certified Professional Managers offers the Certified Manager certification for managers in any field, while the Institute for Supply Management’s Certified Professional in Supply Management designation is only open to qualified individuals in that occupation. The Convention Industry Council provides the Certified Meeting Professional credential to people in the meetings, exhibitions and conventions industry.