Student Reviews

T he best thing about GSM is its beliefs. It focuses on producing entrepreneurs. Its strong course content and versatile faculty makes the experience a very impactful one. It is very rare to find faculty who go out of their ways to help students improve not only on a professional front but even on a personal front. The institute has not only helped me shape my ideas but also has taught me how to execute these ideas in my business project. How many times have you heard of the Dean personally sitting down with a student mentoring him on a business idea? This interactive learning has helped me grow in all spheres.  – Dhir Mody

I nitially, there was confusion in my mind whether to join this college or not as being a new college & into its first year. But after thinking a lot finally I decided to take the admission as this was going to be a life changing opportunity. So although every told me that it was a risk, I thought it’s going to be worth it. So I finally took admission & yes, it is truly worth it. I really like the method of teaching & the atmosphere of the college. The faculties are great. They are the pillars of the college. I even like the course content of the program as it is very updated & meeting the international standards & market. Even our Dean and Director are very free with us regarding any queries we have. So I hope we do good & meet the expectations of our Faculties, Dean & Director. – Kaustubh Pandit

I  always wanted to start my own business firm. For this, getting an internationally renowned MBA degree is a boon for my future career. GSM has provided me with a strong platform to launch my career ambitions. All the faculty members are so knowledgeable and supportive. They make sure that the concepts are well understood by all of us, future entrepreneurs. American education pattern, Harvard Business School case studies, perfect college atmosphere, great support from faculty are some of the key factors which help us to excel in our academics and follow our goals with passion. Since, we follow international curriculum, teaching is always been understanding based rather than exam based. So, now there is immense confidence in me that I will definitely achieve my dreams since, I am a part of GSM and I can loudly say that it’s THE BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE TO START MY MBA PROGRAM WITH GSM where I can actually chase my life’s biggest dreams and ambitions. Can’t ask more from life! – Kushal Verma

I am so much attached to this college just in 4 months… Doing an MBA from Global School Of Management gives us a perfect blend of enjoyment and learning….we enjoy learning in this college. We have the best faculty someone can ever dream of… we don’t have boring lectures where we need to sit for long hours and only keep listening to the faculty… our lectures are full of interactions and discussions and that adds essence to our learning.. The American way of teaching takes this college a step ahead than any other college in Pune and a perfect infrastructure adds more beauty to this college. Choosing this college was the best decision I could ever take…- Kajal Chopda

I feel GSM is one of the best MBA institutes in Pune. With the best faculty with good infrastructure and latest style of teaching method., attention is given to individual student. I didn’t find this Mumbai, that is why I have selected GSM. They have good and experienced teaching faculty. And most importantly, there is a homely environment. And Dean and the Director of the institute are like parents who takes care of us like parents and are very helpful. They are always there for everything any anything that we.
Parth Pandya

I think GSM institute is one of the best institutes which is very special for me and my batch-mates because here we learn a lot from everybody. Our professors not only teach us but also motivate us to become Entrepreneurs and Leaders. And most importantly, they never compare between students. GSM have excellent faculty along with good infrastructure and good Wi-Fi service.. – Abhyuday Joshi